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  1. Bravo, well done. Thanks for going to new places, getting new answers, rather than rehashing all of the same old attempted murder, cars at the bottom of the hill stories. And thanks for minimizing the drug references, it’s nice to read something fresh and bright about the band. And thank god for Xena; without her this band would not exist. Listen closely, every song is about, or references her. She is truly Peter’s Muse.

  2. Enjoyed the interview and its great to know that Alan and Peter still have a sense of humour. And I can ask my boss about some time off to go to France, or is it India? Whatever!

  3. Ha, yes I do recall the slight Blondie misinterpretation. Good interview Monkey. I met John Perry and Mr Mair a couple of years ago and they were extremely amiable geezers. I on the other hand was rude and intolerant I expect.

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