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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Who’s gonna want me when / I’m just somewhere you’ve been

Sometimes, you don’t even realise you’ve died. You don’t realise you’ve disappeared and you don’t realise there’s a blank, scratchy sheet where your personality used to be.

Before you know it you’re someone that used to do stuff and all your stories are 5 years old. Even the embarrassing ones. Especially the embarrassing ones.

Sometimes, it takes a single song to wake you up.

I can breathe this song in, like calorific air, and feel instantly human. The morning after I first heard it, I couldn’t drag my bones from my bed before I’d watched its gloriously downbeat, Vincent Gallo-esque video on the phone I’d had stuffed under my pillow all night.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m too old to listen to music and think ‘aaah, they’re singing my life… they’re playing out my thoughts…’ Like, I’m supposed to have it all figured out by now. Well, I never figured it out. And she’s singing my life.

I’m through with asking you if you knew love